QMH Cranes – For Best Quality Crane components

We did several repeat orders with existing customers since they are very happy and satisfied with the performance of our supplied cranes. Below are some of the common and standard features of our cranes,

  • Components are Designed as per USA & European Design standards.
  • USA & European components.
  • Lifetime lubricated bearings and gear reducers.
  • Modern Helical gear trolley drive.
  • DC rectified brakes with a minimum of one million maintenance- free operations.
  • TEFC motors designed for smooth crane service.
  • Class F motor insulation.
  • Series production with uniform quality.
  • Modular construction with optimally matched components
  • Space saving, future oriented design.
  • Asbestos free, non polluting brake linings.
  • Heavy duty, wear resistant rope guide.
  • Two position upper and one lower precision limit switches.
  • Advance Overload device to avoid overloading.